Message from Mr. Keane

I would like to welcome you to the Burlington High School Learning Community. We have a proud tradition of offering comprehensive educational programs and like all great organizations, we will continue to challenge ourselves to improve the educational experiences we provide our students. My goal is that we establish a solid foundation on which each of our students can continue to build upon throughout the rest of their lives. We hope to equip our students with the skills as well as the motivation they need to be life-long learners.To accomplish this, we will continually strive to establish positive relationships with our students, parents, and other stakeholders. We understand that educating students must be a collaborative effort and that we need to inspire and challenge students through diverse opportunities which will require that students are given learning opportunities beyond the school walls and outside of the traditional academic day. This can only be accomplished through collaboration with other organizations here in our community. 

Our students’ needs will continue to change and we will do our best to constantly adapt to insure those needs are met. This will require honest and open communication between all stakeholders as well as an optimistic “can do” attitude from our staff and students. I have often said that problems do not need owners, they need solutions. Far too often we spend a great deal of time “admiring” our problems or looking for someone to blame rather than identifying the root causes and formulating solutions. Here at BHS we are dedicated to being part of the solution regardless of what the student’s problem may be. We will strive to have a profoundly positive impact on each student’s adult quality of life by providing them quality individual and collective educational experiences.

I believe that learning is a social process and that collaboration is the key to improving our educational system. I look forward to partnering with other organizations in the Burlington community and with surrounding districts to insure all students are engaged in quality learning experiences which match their overall goals. 


Dave Keane, Principal
Burlington High School